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Oromo Federalist Congress figures arrested

December 25,2015

Bekele Gerba - image creadit :
Bekele Gerba – image creadit :

Opposition figures in Oromo Federalist Congress, one of the registered opposition parties in Ethiopia,are reportedly arrested yesterday.

The news was widely circulated in social media after Ethiopian Satellite Television reported about it in a breaking news coverage.

Top officials within the Oromo Federalist congress parties confirmed the news.

Bekele Gerba, vice president of Oromo Federalist Congress who seem to have a huge even outside of this ethnic party base, was arrested yesterday in this residence in Adama, the capital of Oromia regional state – hundred kilometers to the south east of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

The report by ESAT indicated that Ato Bekele’s house was ransacked for more than five hours by 21 armed special forces.

Degene Taffa and Gurmessa Ayanaw are among arrested members of Oromo Federalist Congress.

Oromo Federalist Congress which is a member of an opposition coalition called Medrek recently reported that the number of peaceful protesters killed in the recent brutal attack by the governing TPLF forces is more than eighty six.

Apparently, Bekele Gerba and his Oromo Federalist colleagues are arrested in relation to the recent , which is partially going on in parts of Oromia regional state, popular protest in opposition to proposed Addis Ababa Master Plan which will, in implemented, inevitably dislocate small scare farmers.

Bekele Gerba was arrested for four good years under the ruling government and was released in end of March 2015. After release Bekele Gerba actively and peacefully pursed political activism and has visited the United States and other counties.

Peaceful protest is a constitutional right under the current Constitution.

In a related story, citizens on social media are reported that the crackdown on opposition is extended to Semayawi party as well. Getached Shiferaw who is a writer for Negere Ethiopian Newspaper, a mouthpiece of Semayawi Party, is taken arrested in the capital Addis Ababa. Some see more arrest coming.

The ruling party is also undertaking repressive project in North Western Ethiopia where citizens are peacefully resisting forced inclusion of Amharic speaking parts of the region of Ethiopia to Tigray region – ethnic base of the ruling TPLF government. As well, citizens in the region are protesting illegal border demarcation with Sudan which is set to cede a considerably big portion of the region to Sudan.
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