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Ethiopia : “My aspiration is for Ethiopians to live in comfort,peace and dignity” Says Sebhat Nega

December 23,2015

As the saying goes, it is strange to see oneself in the eyes of others. Sebhat Nega is perhaps seen a positive light by the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and possibly by people in the ethnic base of TPLF : Tigray.

On the other hand, Ethiopians view of Sebhat Nega is not so positive. In fact, millions consider Sebhat, who is now nearly eighty years old, as one of the leading criminals for the loss of many lives and for masterminding massacres since his time as leader of Tigray People’s Liberation Front in its guerrilla time. Politically,for many Ethiopians including the writer of this blog, consider Sebhat Nega as one of the key figures of TPLF that engineered ethnic politics which plunged the country to the political problem it is living now and perhaps for decades to come if the regime is not defeated both militarily and politically. Under the watch of Sebhat Nega, TPLF came up with a political manifesto in the 1970’s that officially categorized Amharic speaking Ethiopians as enemy of Tigray with aspiration to secede Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia.

After TPLF came to power in 1991, the program they implemented virtually looks like an ethnic apartheid system. Policies they came up with essentially focused on creation ethnic Tigray political class with strong economic base and this undertaking was given an administrative and legal structural covers – including the ethnic based Federalism. Even the ethnic based federal arrangement is sham. Among other things, the recent popular uprising, which is still going on, in opposition to Addis Ababa’s master plan took the lives of eighty Ethiopians in the Oromia regional state. Further more, Amharic speaking Ethiopians who live in Oromia regional state were subjected to ethnic persecution in different parts of Oromia regional state

In an interview with one of the ruling party’s affiliates, Fana Broadcasting, Sebhat Nega didn’t blink his eyes when he says “My aspiration is for Ethiopians to live in comfort, peace and dignity”

The reason he gave this interview at this time could be a distraction as TPLF is aware that Sebhat Nega generates a good deal of status updates in the social media. In the video above, there is no audio after the 18 minutes.

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  1. Sebhat Nega is evil and responsible for the death of thousands if not millions and will be judged by history incase he dies of AIDS ahead of time.


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