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ISIL once again claims responsibility for the Sinai air crash

November 8

BEIJING, ISIL militants have once again claimed responsibility for the Sinai air crash — this time through an online video. The Egyptian government has held a press conference on their latest findings.

It’s been a week of speculations since the Russian place crashed last Saturday. And in the last few days, they’ve become increasingly worrying.

ISIL claiming responsibility for the crash a second time comes amid concerns that a bomb on the plane could have been the cause.

Egypt, though, has maintained silence this past week – insisting that speculation could only hurt the investigation.

“We must know that in such accidents, it’s important to leave the matter completely and not talk about its causes at all, because investigations take a very long time. There are complicated issues that need high tech and thorough investigation that could take months, so we don’t want to be in a hurry or talk too much. This will affect our credibility if we talk about it now,” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said.

At first that silence was accepted here in Egypt. But then the UK and later Russia suspended flights to Sharm EL Sheikh.

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry has now weighed in on the matter – Criticising foreign governments for not sharing intelligence with Cairo.

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