Member of Arbegnoch rebel forces ,Amsalu Teshome, killed three police men and wounded another three before he took his own life

October 27,2015

Source :Amsalu Gebrekidan on facebook
Source :Amsalu Gebrekidan on facebook

Amsalu Teshome – a member of Patriots-Ginbot 7 reportedly killed three members of police and wounded another three before he took his own life in Northern Gondar region of Ethiopia, according to report by Ethiopian Satellite Television which cited sources from the area.

The incident happened on October 23,2015

Police was on the move to arrest Amsalu Teshome for an alleged role of recruiting youth in his locality for Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7 membership – an armed movement operating along Ethio-Eritrean border.

According to ESAT report, Amhaslu was arrested before on grounds of similar charges.

When policemen approached him to make an arrest, Amsalu warned them, reads ESAT account, not to approach him. Amsalu reportedly pulled revolver hand gun and used six bullets to shot six police men of which three were dead and the remaining three wounded.

Amsalu used the last bullet to end his own life – according to ESAT.

Northern Gondar has long been a victim of the ruling party’s “security operation” which has led to the death of many residents as reports from Ethiopia indicate.


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