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Mulugeta Lule – renowned Ethiopian journalist suddenly passed away in the US

October 5,2015

The late Mulugea Lule
The late Mulugea Lule

Renowned Ethiopian journalist Mulugeta Lule – passed away, reported ESAT a few hours ago in a breaking news coverage. Although not confirmed, there are rumors that Mulugeta succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Mulugeta lule served as journalist and as high ranking authority in what was the Ministry of Information under government before ruling TPLF /EPRDF which is now named as government communication ministry.

After the fall of the military government, Mulugeta Lule co-founded one of the most popular political magazine in Ethiopia – Topia.

Yet he was known and popular not as an owner and journalist but for his thought provoking writings in Tobia magazine with the pen name Tsegaye Gebremedhin Araya

Mulugeta Lule was one of the most authoritative persons on issues of Ethio-Somali conflict

He distinguished himself as an articulate and evidence based writer with tremendous thought provoking capability.

Mulugeta had to leave his native country Ethiopia due to harassment by the Ethiopian government.Mulugeta lived the US for about twenty years where he passed away suddenly. Mulugeta was 75.

Mulugeta Lule is one of the key people who contributed for the establishment of Ethiopian Satellite Television – a US based Ethiopian news outlet with branches in London and Amsterdam.

Details of funeral arrangements are not available at this point.

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