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How did Ethiopia fared on 2015 social progress index?

September 25,2015

Ethiopia is ranked 126th from 133 countries – ahead of Afghanistan,Angola,Chad,Yemen,Central African Republic,Guinea and Niger.

The report is released this week by Deloitte Canada- a private firm.

Executive summary from the entity that conducted the study asserted that “… it is increasingly evident that a model of development based on economic progress alone is incomplete. Economic growth alone is not enough. A society that fails to address basic human needs, equip citizens to improve their quality of life, protect the environment, and provide opportunity for many of its citizens is not succeeding…”

Social progress index is based on 52 indicators in three major areas : basic human needs, foundations of well being and opportunity.

Norway,Sweden and Switzerland ranked in the top three respectively.

Ethiopia’s “economic growth” is hailed by client institutions and states alike to the Ethiopian government.

Inauguration of the 37 kilometers light rail infrastructure in the capital Addis Ababa apparently helped in someway to foster the narrative that the regime in power brought about economic development to Ethiopia.

Barely three days after the celebratory mood surrounding the light rail, Ethiopian government could no longer lurk in celebration of the prestige light rail project and had to disclose that 5 million Ethiopians do need emergency food aid and that the Ethiopian government could not handle it alone.

In light of that, it sounds even a little surprising that Ethiopia ranked 7th from the last 133 countries.

Social progress index is not that known and it is not clear.

Read full report here

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