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Egypt’s police general shot dead in Sinai

September 20,2015

CAIRO, Unidentified militants gunned down an Egyptian police general in North Sinai’s city of Arish on early hours of Sunday, official security sources said.

Ahmed Abdel Satar, 47, was the second senior police officer that has been killed in the past three days in North Sinai province, the base of the Islamic State (IS) anti-security operations.

The assailants fled the scene after the attack, the source added.

On Wednesday evening, Khaled Kamal Osman, another police general, was killed as he inspected a police unit by a drive-by shooting claimed by the jihadists’ Egyptian affiliate IS Sinai Province.

Egypt has been suffering surge of militant attacks against army and police forces since the ouster of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013 by the army in response to mass protests against his rule.

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