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Ethiopia : overlooked danger to Ethiopia – militant ethnic radicalism

August 19,2015

Militant ethnic radicalism is overlooked. The regime in Ethiopia is living a narcissistic self image as a political force that brought about equality and peace. Reality on the ground is that certain groups of people are living horrifying attacks due to the illusion of ideologues of radical ethnic politicians and the project of disintegration of Ethiopia.

Simple questions : who shaped hate mentality for victims of hate politics like the one we see in the video? And what is the motive? These are questions that people who tend to buy such a radical ideology in the name of “freedom struggle” should answer.

As you can see in the video, these youngsters seem to have access to arm themselves. Imagine what they can do to Ethiopians whom they think are enemies based on radical ethnic politics political construction of enemy which is crafted out of the past. Can you imagine the magnitude of impending conflict? Who will benefit at the end?

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