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Must watch : A dignified teenager reacts to Fascists deceleration of war on Ethiopia

August 15,2015

This video is a treasure for Ethiopians. Remember! Ethiopia lost about one million people due to fascist invasion. Many honorable teenagers fought against Italian fascism in Ethiopia.

As narrated in Habešská Odyssea (የሃበሻ ጀብዱ), the greatest written primary source material around Ethiopian resistance to the well armed fascist force in Ethiopia, historical figures like Abichu (አቢቹ )commanded an army at a very young age. They left an indelible history of bravery and commitment. It’s truly sad a country for which millions paid in life is on the verge of extinction, and many of us do not seem to see it that way, and its children are wrested what belongs to them. For the Ethiopian spirit is strategically perverted, hundreds of thousands are leaving behind the country only to die in and live in indignity elsewhere rather than fighting back and take their own country back. Tragedy of history.


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