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Al-Shabaab militant killed in foiled attack on Somali prison

August 10,2015

MOGADISHU, Somalia security offices have killed one of the Al-Shabaab militants who had launched an attack on a prison in Hiran region, central Somalia in the wee hours of Monday, military officials said.

Senior military officer Mohamed Nor told media that Al-Shabaab fighters attempted to attack the central prison in the region’s Baladwayne town, but they were repulsed by the security forces.

“They waged cowardly attack on the prison, but our forces repulsed and managed to kill one of them, forcing others to flee the scene,” Nor said.

According to the military official, the attack continued for a short period, noting that government troops did not suffer any casualties during the “brief clashes”.

Residents told Xinhua that they heard sounds of heavy gunfire on Monday at the prison.

“We woke up after both sides exchanged heavy gunfire, and we felt fear, but after a while everything became normal,” said Yahye Abdi, one of the residents in Baldwayne town.

The insurgents have continued to wage attacks against the Somali government even as they lose their strongholds in most of the major bases they earlier controlled.

The attack comes days after government forces along AU troops took control of several villages in Hiran region.



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