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Hostage by gunmen left 13 people dead in Mali ; foreigners rescued

August 8,2015

Report by Malian news source, , which cited defense minister as a sources indicates that thirteen people are dead following hostage incident in Central Mali last night.

The gunmen took control of a hotel in Sevare in what seemed to be attempt to take foreigners hostage.

According to the news sources cited above, French soldiers and Malian Special forces collaboratively rescued four foreigners. Agence France Presse (AFP) report depicts the number of rescued foreigners as five.

The incident left at least five Malian soldiers and two of the gunmen dead. A UN workers is dead as well. The total causality from the incident is thirteen.

The gunmen are believed to be Islamic extremists.

The hotel which is located 620 km northeast of Bamako used to be, according to maliweb report, frequented by foreigners.



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