Equivocal Obama tells African leaders to respect constitution, do not extend terms in office

July 28,2015

Video Credit : CNN

Equivocal Obama tells African leaders to respect constitution and not to extend terms in office for which he received loud cheers from the crowed packed at African Union headquarter in Addis Ababa.

A day before Obama “advised” African leaders to respect constitution when it comes to presidential office terms, he comfortably stated that the regime in Ethiopia is democratically elected – a statement that appears to be an endorsement the may 2015 general election the result of which is a 100 % win for the ruling party.

No mention of irregularities during the election nor the politically motivated killings of opposition party members – not to mention decades of total repression under the ruling party. Obama’s statement angered many Ethiopian activists.

The regime in Ethiopia is praised by Obama in terms of “contribution” to security in the region and economic achievement. Many observers relate Obama’s visit to Africa as a manifestation of an urge to rival China ‘s entrenched economic presence in the continent.Investment pledges were made in that regard amounting to over $ 4 billion.

However, security issue in the region and the task of fight Islamic militants like Al-Shabab in the region was part of the deal.

Obama concluded his five days of African trip today and is flying back to the US.


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