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American Lawyer sued Ethiopian government

July 17,2015

Nick Cardosso, staff lawyer of Electronic Frontier Foundation Staff Attorney , San Francisco based civil Liberties group dedicated to protecting Free speech and privacy on the internet, sued Ethiopian government.


Government of Ethiopia installed Finfisher malware in Mr. Kidane’s, Ethiopian American who lives in Silver Spring, computer to wiretap his skype call,to read his email, to monitor his web browsing.

“We caught them…We sued Ethiopia under the Wiretap Act” ” says Mr Nick Cardoso in an interview with VOA Amharic Service. From the interview, Ethiopian government is sued under US Wiretap Act.

Apparently, the Ethiopian government on its part hired American lawyer to defend the case in American courts. And according to Mr. Nick, the lawyer hired by Ethiopian government, Greenburg Torei, filed immersion to dismiss the case.

More detail is available from Solomon Abate’s interview with Nick Cardosso in the video above.


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