Best places in Ethiopia, shrinking hand luggage allowances and volunteer cruising

Fionn Davenport
The Irish Times
Published on June 20,2015


Ethiopian Airlines debuted their direct route from Addis Ababa to Dublin today (and onward to Los Angeles). As a result, Ethiopia promises to be an exciting new destination for many visitors: here are five places that should feature on any itinerary.

Addis Ababa

The capital and Africa’s fourth-largest city is noisy, busy, bustling and surprisingly balmy, at least for eight months of the year. It’s a city on the rise, with a terrific restaurant scene, great nightlife and plenty of cultural highlights, from art galleries to the country’s most important museums to complement the more traditional sights, such as a shepherd on his way to market, negotiating a junction with his flock.


It’s known colloquially as the African Camelot, but this former royal city actually exists. The proof is contained within the walls of the Royal Enclosure, where you’ll find the half-dozen old palaces, banqueting halls and the remnants of the once glorious gardens that gave splendour to Emperor Fasilidas’ capital in the 17th century.

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