Ethiopia: Humanitarian Snapshot – Increased Humanitarian need expected in the second half of 2015

Published on June 5,2015

Contrary to the forecast at the beginning of the year, inadequate belg (mid-February-May) rains received this year drastically changed the humanitarian context in Ethiopia. Increasing water and pasture shortages were reported in parts of the country, leading to deteriorated livestock production and productivity, deepening food insecurity and rising malnutrition. The belg harvest is expected to be significantly less than the projection in the 2015 Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD). Planned to start on 8 June in Somali region and 22 June elsewhere in the country, the mid-year humanitarian needs assessment is expected to confirm an increased number of relief food beneficiaries in the second half of the year. Ad hoc requests were coming from Afar, Amhara, Oromia and SNNP regional authorities for increased food aid. Preventing the spread of the measles outbreak is also crucial to avert higher morbidity and mortality rates, especially in nutrition hotspot woreda.

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