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Addis Ababa : Fire broke out in Merkato

June 5,2015

Merkato fire  Source- facebook page of  Obang metho
Merkato fire
Source- facebook page of Obang metho

Fire broke out in Merkato neighborhood, Shera Tera area of Addis Ababa, according to citizen report on social media.

At this writing the fire is not under control.

Effort to put the fire under control proved to be difficult due to the shanty and chained nature of homes in the neighborhood.

The reports did not indicate if the fire brigade in Addis Ababa on the scene.

When the historical Taytu hotel was blazing months ago, the fire brigade did not make it to the scene while being located only in a waling distance from Taytu hotel. Probably it might take more time for the fire bridge to reach the shera tera in Merkato.

From reports on social media, the fear is that the fire could be even more disastrous if it reached a cooking oil factory which is adjacent to the area.

At this point in time, there is no indication regarding the cause of the fire. In recent years, Addis Ababa experienced recurrent disastrous fire incidents. For some, recurrent fire is simply an act of arson perhaps with support from administration to give away land for investors.

There is no comment about the fire from government at this point.


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