Ethiopia : Abducted ONLF leadership reportedly released and back to Nairobi

June 2,2015

Two members of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) who were abducted while in Nairobi as negotiators on behalf of ONLF are reportedly released and back to Nairobi, reported ESAT.

The report added that the circumstances under which they are released are not known at this point in time.However, ESAT says that it has confirmed news of release of the abducted ONLF people from ONLF and ONLF foreign relation -Abdrahman Sheh Mahdi-is cited as a source.

ESAT report indicates that nothing is known whether negotiation is going on between ONLF and Ethiopian government.

ONLF is in a guerrila armed struggle to secede Ogaden from Ethiopia


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