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Somali militants claim responsibility for Kenya’s Yumbis attacks

May 26,2015

GARISSA, Kenya, Somali Al-Shabaab militants on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the Monday evening attack in Yumbis, Garissa in northeast Kenya, where they claimed to have murdered 30 police officers.

Al-Shabaab spokesman Sh Cabdul caziz Abu Mauscab told pro-Al- Shabaab radio Andulus that they killed at least 30 police officers at the small village called Yumbis around the Garissa town which borders Somalia.

Police sources in Kenya said more than 20 police officers are feared dead in Al-Shabaab attack in Garissa County in northeast Kenya.

Police sources said at least four police vehicles were burnt down in the incident that happened as the officers rushed to rescue their colleagues who had been hit by a roadside land mine on Monday evening in Yumbis area.

According to police sources who sought anonymity, the police officers dashed to a place where another team of officers had been injured in an earlier attack when they were ambushed on Monday evening.

A police officer who survived the attack said the militants, who were over 40 in number, were armed with sophisticated weapons which they could not match.

“When we reached the area, we started by clearing it before advancing to the vehicle which had overturned, but the militia had already taken cover. Within no time we all of a sudden found ourselves surrounded by them,” said the officer who did not want to be identified.

“We could hear rocket propelled grenades being hurled on us and bombs,” he added.

Fafi sub county commissioner Geoffrey Taragon could not state the exact number of officers who were still missing.

“We are still combing the bush with a view of flushing out the militias. We will give out a conclusive report later in the day when we have it,” Taragon told Xinhua.

The residents said that the five vehicles that the officers used for the rescue mission were all set a blaze. This could not be confirmed by Kenyan authorities. A contingent of police officers have been deployed in the area.



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