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Somali lawmaker killed in drive-by shooting in Mogadishu

Published on May23,2015

MOGADISHU, One lawmaker died and another sustained injuries in Mogadishu Saturday following a drive-by shooting, police said.

The lawmakers, Yusuf Dirir and his colleague Abdalla Boss, were attacked along Maka al Mukarama street when gunmen, driving past them, opened fire. The two were injured and immediately rushed to a city hospital. Dirir, however, later succumbed to injuries while undergoing an operation.

Police spokesman Qasim Ahmed Roble told Xinhua the gunmen fled the scene immediately after the shooting, which eyewitnesses say was executed by hooded men in a luxury car.

Mohamed Hussein, a member of Somali parliament, told Xinhua his colleagues had just left parliament buildings after the day’s session when the incident happened.

No one has claimed responsibility over the attacks, but the terror group Al-Shabaab has in several occasions claimed to be behind such attacks.



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