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Egypt : Mohamed Morsi and 100 other Muslim brotherhood members sentenced to death

May 16,2015

Source - Aljazeera
Source – Aljazeera

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and 100 other members of Muslim brotherhood are sentenced to death by Egyptian court today according to report published by Aljazeera.

Morsi was deposed from power in what many observers call a military coup in July of 2013 under the leadership of the then military general Al-Sisi,now president of Egypt.

Aljazeera report indicates that court ruling is sent to highest religious body in Egypt, Grand Mufti, for confirmation. And the court will pass its final decision on June 2,2015.

From those who are sentenced to death, many are tried in absentia.

Morsi and those Muslim brotherhood members convicted with him are charged in connection with mass prison break during the Egyptian revolution in 2011. They are also charged for death and kidnapping of policemen.

What is the reaction like so far?

At this writing, while there seem to be no news of protest in Egypt in opposition to court ruling against Mohamed Morsi, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reportedly condemned court ruling. Todays Zaman,Turkish Daily, reported Erdogan slammed western silence over the death sentence of Morsi.

Amnesty International,according to Aljazeera,seem to have reservation about the ruling and is said to have referred to the trial as “charade” with “void procedures”


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