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Ethiopia : Chinese company purportedly financed school in Tigray regional state

May 12,2015

Addis Ababa – Chinese news source,Xinhua, reported secondary school financed by Chinese company is inaugurated in Alamta town,which used to be within the province of Wollo, to Tigray regional state.

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) seem to have spent $ 1.75 million dollars according to Xinhua.

The school, which is named as,Zikre Meles Secondary School, is built in 5000 square meters of land. It does have 22 classrooms, a library, an auditorium and one major building according to the news source- Xinhua.

The report also indicates the the school was one of the 21 Tigray Development Association (TDA) model school projects.

Zhou Yongsheng, General Manager of CCCC, is quoted as saying “This donation of Zikre Meles is an opportunity for renewing our relationship with Ethiopia and the milestone for enhancing friendship. CCCC will continue to perform its social responsibility.”

Getachew Reda,Communication Advisor to the Prime Minister, reportedly “hailed the contribution of the Chinese government and companies to development endeavors in Ethiopia.”

The Chinese company – CCCC -seem to have strong business presence in Ethiopia ; undertook numerous construction projects in the country according to the words of the General Manager, Zhou Yongsheng.

Click here to read the report by Xinhua


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  1. Thanks very much CCCC for your social development to bring sustainable development for rural and hard to reach part of Ethiopia. continue your donation for rural students as well as communities.


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