A group of Ethiopian nationals reportedly to return from Yemen

May 12,2015

Walta Information Center, government affiliated news agency, published on its website that about 452 Ethiopians are leaving Yemen to Saudi Arabia toady citing Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a source. According to Walta Information center, 220 Ethiopians already left Yemen for Saudi Arabia yesterday.

Tedros Adhanom, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is quoted as saying “We have a plan to evacuate all Ethiopian nationals who had been registered to return to their home within the coming few days.”

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia did not,at this writing, publish update regarding return of Ethiopians from Yemen.

However, the minister tweeted that 200 of 672 Ethiopians who are evacuated first to Saudi Arabia from Yemen will arrive in Addis Ababa.

Screenshot from twitter page of Tedros Adhanom
Screenshot from twitter page of Tedros Adhanom

Saudi Arabia led weeks long air strike against Houthis rebels in Yemen.

According to accounts circulating in the media, at this point in time at least 80,000 Ethiopians are stranded in Yemen.

Ethiopian government says that it will evacuate Ethiopian citizens from places where there is conflict situation.

In related news, Isreaeli news source ,Ynetnews, Ethiopian government demanded explanation for police treatment of Ethiopian Jews


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