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South Sudan, Ethiopia Agree To Close Rebels Route

By Jok P Mayom
May 10,2015

JUBA, This was reveal by the government delegation that returned on Friday from Gambella after a two-day consultative meeting attended by representatives of the two states.

South Sudan’s delegation included the Governor of Upper Nile State Simon Kun Pouch, Deputy Governor of Jonglei State Baba Medan, and Chief of Greater Pibor Administrative Area, David Yauyau Jongkuch.

The Governor of Upper Nile, Simon Kun Pouch, while addressing the press on arrival from Ethiopia on Friday said the two countries have committed themselves to end the rebel passage in between the borders.

He said the government delegation that went to Gambella for a security meeting at the border conference on cross security meeting returned to Juba with the hope of ending the rebel’s activities.

“We have discussed on how the two countries can control the border especially on the issue of people who are causing trouble like anti-peace elements, like rebels who are actually operating in our areas and borders” Kun said.

“We discussed also on issues about those who are actually taking children and cattle raiding, we also discussed on the issues of the smuggling of fire arms within the borders between us and Ethiopia. We also discuss on trade and development where we discussed on the opening of trade between Ethiopia and South Sudan” he said.

Among the agreements reached between the two Kun said, “We have signed an agreement with them and this agreement will be implemented by both countries. These includes; controlling the border, hunting down those selling small fire arms and those causing havoc within the communities.”

The agreement according to Kun also includes building of commercial roads.

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