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Ethiopia : Families in Aba Koran learned their loved ones are among 700 drowned in Mediterranean sea

May 8,2015

Source : fNetsanset Yibeltal on facebook
Source : fNetsanset Yibeltal on facebook

Ten Ethiopians who happened to be on board of the ill-fated boat that claimed the lives of well over 700 migrants in the Mediterranean sea are identified.

News,with picture, being circulated on social media indicates that ten of the victims are from same neighborhood in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital.

Aba koran neighborhood is mourning again weeks after Ethiopia was shocked by the news of Ethiopian Christians beheaded in the hands of ISIS a few weeks ago.

It was covered by major media outlets like Aljazeera that about 350 of the migrants drowned were Eritreans and the number of Ethiopian migrants in the same boat is estimated to be in hundreds which means that there are still families who are still burdened with knowing if their sons or daughters or fiances were in that boat.

Despite narratives of economic growth and “better times” in Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are desperate to leave behind their loved ones and their beloved country even when it is clear that the risk of dying in the course of “making it to Europe” via dangerous voyage on the Mediterranean water is higher.

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