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“Have faith as strong as the Ethiopians” : commentators after analyzing ISIS Video

May 2,2015

Video Credit: The Blaze Youtube channel

“Have faith as strong as the Ethiopians” – attested two commentators in a show which one of the commentator introduced as “Infidel Response.”

Dan Andros, one of Glenn producers – as he introduced himself, and Jason Buttrill who introduced himself as former intelligence analyst for US marine – looked into latest ISIS Video which shows the beheading and shooting of Ethiopian Christians from a different perspective.

The nine and half minutes video analyzed ISIS video showing the brutal murder of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

What Dan and Jason emphasized is not the savagery of ISIS militants. They rather emphasized in the way Ethiopians Christians reacted in the face of ISIS militants when they were just moments away from death.

They are of the view that ISIS did not achieve intended propaganda value out of the tragic event in created so as to intimidate Christians. As seen in the video, and as attested by the commentators, Ethiopians appeared bowing in prayer accepting the fate of martyrdom.

“These guys have faith that not only has ISIS not seen but we do not really see too often…they know they are marching into their death and they are doing it willingly and proudly…” said Jason referring to a moment when the Ethiopians are being led to their death scene.

Dan commented “…I don’t know…I mean I can’t imagine what I would do in a situation like that but these guys they don’t flinch ”

Indeed, the extent of brutality of ISIS is revealed to the world time and again. As implied by the commentators, the video has more significance to Christians in that it demonstrate ultimate faith in time of certainty of death – which clearly is not reflected by the media narrative about the video. Death Consciousness of the martyrs is undoubtedly a function of spiritual construction.

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In Ethiopia, the reaction to the video is mixed – that of grief and inspiration with their martyrdom.


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