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Aljazeera Q&A : The man smuggling Ethiopians to Europe

Published on April 29,2015

The number of deaths of migrants attempting the perilous journey to Europe in search of a better life has dramatically increased over the past few months.

Al Jazeera spoke to ‘Ahmed,’ a well known people trafficking broker who many young Ethiopians in Addis Ababa have used to try and get to Europe.

Al Jazeera: Hello, I got your number from Gagi, sir.

Ahmed: Hi.

AJ: I am calling you to know about migration routes, sir.

Ahmed: From where shall you start your journey?

AJ: From Addis [Ababa] – what do I need?

Ahmed: If you want to go to Sudan legally, you’ll need a visa from the Sudan embassy. If you want to cross without one – there are a lot of brokers in Metema [an Ethiopian border town with Sudan].

AJ: Either way, Shall I go to Metema by car?

Ahmed: If you are legal, you just get the bus and go. If you don’t have a visa there are mini buses that come to Addis every day at midnight. They will take you to Metema – ‘t’s a day’s journey.

AJ: Which is better?

Ahmed: If you want to travel faster, our way is better and more comfortable.

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