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Ethiopia : Unintended consequence of the Incident in Libya

Hope and change are ideals people could die for. Yet, when hope is pursued in the wrong place and wrong direction the outcome could be far more worse than nothingness and illusion.

Shock and anger aside, the killings of Ethiopian Christians in Libya brought about unintended consequence. It made Ethiopians question the root cause of the push factor from their beloved country.

The idea that hope and change could be pursued in Ethiopia truly represent a transformation in consciousness. Yet, the questions as to whether more and more Ethiopians would embrace this paradigm shift , give it breadth and width and live it depends to a great extent, among other things, on how activists in the realms of opposition politics set agenda along lines of creating more consciousness and their ability to turn the determination of Young Ethiopians to leave Ethiopia – either for political or economic reasons- to a determination of different kind : a determination to own back their country and live with dignity and create opportunity in their country. Young Ethiopians should never die elsewhere for nothing and something very illusive any more.



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