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Over 800 confirmed dead in the worst boat accident in Mediterranean Sea

April 21,2015

 Survivors  Picture: AFP/Giovanni Isolino via
Picture: AFP/Giovanni Isolino via

UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards gave press briefing at at the Palais des Nations in Geneva regarding the worst boat accident on Mediterranean sea, indicates a report by


From the report, it is confirmed that more than 800 migrants perished when the boat they were on board capsized at Mediterranean sea.

The UN refuge agency, which cited interviewed survivors as a source, indicated that the boat left the water in Tripoli this past Saturday morning with 850 people on board of which only 28 people are known to have survived.

According to UNHCR report, there were about 350 Eritreans and the rest were from Ethiopia, Syria,Somalia,Sierra Leone,Mali,Gambia and Ivory coast.

The survivors, apparently 28, are taken to a hospital in Catania, Sicily. One of the survivors in a young man from Bangladesh.

As well,the report indicated that children were on board of the ship.

Mean while, the guardian reported that police made arrests in connection with disaster.

Mohammed Ali Malek – 27 years old Tunisian man – who is believe to be Captain of the boat and Mahmud Bikhit – a 25 years old Syrian man- are under policy custody from among 27 survivors.

In the words of UNHCR, the accident is “…the deadliest incident in the Mediterranean we have ever recorded.”

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