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Ethiopia : Police attack peaceful demonstrators in Addis Ababa

April 22,2015

Video Credit : Euronews

There was a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa this morning ( April 22,2015) in opposition to ISIS murder of innocent Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

As seen in the Video, police attack peaceful demonstrators in an attempt to disperse peaceful protest march in the street of Addis Ababa ultimately heading to Mesqel Square. Ethiopian constitution allows peaceful demonstration.

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) covered the news in its breaking news coverage. Please click here to watch ESAT’s Coverage.

Protestors were also opposing negligence and carelessness of the government in relation to the massacre in Libya. Hundreds of Ethiopian migrants are stranded in Yemen with no practical help available to them from the government of Ethiopia. Hundreds of Ethiopians are arrested in different African countries.Ethiopian Migrants in South Africa have become targets of Xenophobic attack.

The series of incidents against Ethiopians in Africa and Middle East is apparently emboldening Ethiopians to be more vocal in expressing how weary they are with government policies. Even the Ethiopian government knows it that it does not have public trust – perhaps a possible reason that it has to stick to repression.

Clearly, hundreds sustained wound from police attack but no report of death at this writing. Incidentally, many Ethiopians on social media seem to think that the police attack today not only demonstrate that the government has a reason to disregard the constitution as it can not function without constant and regular use of structures of repression but also feeds up the level of suspicion Ethiopians have on the government. Evidently, the number of Ethiopians who consider the government as mercenary and a group of looters from an ethnic based villages in northern Ethiopia is not small.

However, based on report from ESAT and citizen report on social media, it seems the case that police made Massive arrest.

Readers will be updated as more information becomes available


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