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“Yileyal Zendro Yewoyane Nuro” , Protestors in Addis Ababa

Video Credit : Negere Ethiopia

Demonstration rocked Ethiopian Capital Addis Ababa earlier today. The killings by ISIS fueled outrage against what many millions of Ethiopians consider is decades of collaboration and negligence by the ruling party in Ethiopia. The ruling EPRDF coalition in Ethiopia is evidently under the firm grim of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front – a party millions of Ethiopians accuse of Ethnosupermacist agenda, squander of the limited resources of Ethiopia and for the conflict prone apartheid style ethnic based administrative structure in the country.

TPLF is known by majority of Ethiopians as “Woyane.” And the political connotation for the common people relates to behavior that has something to do with mercenary, bandit, traitor – among others.

Protestors were chanting “Yileyal Zendro Yewoyane Nuro.” It literally meant we will see if Woyane ( Tigray People’s Liberation Front) will prevail. key government positions in the Federal structure including security apparatus and military are held by members of Tigray People’s Liberation Front officials – not to mention positions at city administration level and indirect control of federal states, religious institutions and entities like Ethiopian Air Lines.

Dire economic situations which left a good proportion of Ethiopian youth unemployed – one of the factors that is rather a catalyst for Ethiopians to opt for leaving the country risking their lives and leaving their beloved ones and the country they love behind. T

Despite claims of 99.9 percent victory in the last election, the ruling party has always suffered from chronic lack of public trust. The number of Ethiopians who suspect the regime as mercenary is not small. And some point to its economic policy – what many claim is a policy that has sold out a good part of Ethiopia for “foreign investors”

Besides the level of corruption in Ethiopia is not just unprecedented in the history of the country but also could now rival countries with serious problem of corruption.

ISIS killings of Ethiopian Christians coupled with what seems like careless handling of the crisis by Ethiopian government undoubtedly turned out to be a reminder that Ethiopians are being governed by tribal and corrupt leaders who do not even deserve to be there in the first place.



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