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ISIS beheaded Ethiopian Christians in Libya

April 19,2015

Video image purportedly showing Ethiopian Christians being led to where they were beheaded, in Libya, by ISIS. The Ethiopians are reportedly killed by ISIS.

The report emerged earlier today and is covered by the Associated Press and Aljazeera, among others

A few months back, ISIS massacred Egyptians Christians which the government of Egypt retaliated with intensive air strikes.

Report published by Aljazeera ,for which online footage was cited, indicates that about Twelve Ethiopian Christians are beheaded by ISIS militants and 16 others are shot in a different location in Libya

The Ethiopian community on social media reacted to the news with sense of shock and disgust. At this writing, there is no word from the Ethiopian government regarding this development.

The past few weeks witnessed excruciatingly shocking news for Ethiopians with developments in the Middle East and what is now many refer to “Xenophobic South Africa.”

In Yemen, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians found themselves midst grave conditions following Saudi led air strike. In South Africa, Ethiopians have become one of the primary targets of xenophobic attacks and so far three Ethiopians are confirmed dead, and many others sustained wounds.



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