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“Ethiopia is a Democracy” says US Undersecretary for Political affairs

April 17,2015

Wendy Sherman – US undersecretary for political affair remarked “Ethiopia is a democracy” during her recent visit to Ethiopia. Clearly the remark is less in line with diplomatic language and sends a political message.

From conversations on social media, many Ethiopians consider Wendy’s remark not just a punch in the face but a brutal attack on the movement to break free from what sounds like to millions of Ethiopians unprecedented ethnic based repression.

Information gap or aggressive pursuit of business and cultural interest?

Is there a possibility at all for Wendy Sherman not to be aware of piles and piles of human rights records in the archives of reputable human right organizations about Ethiopia? Is it even possible that the Undersecretary was not briefed about Ethiopia by the US Ambassador in Addis Ababa?

Or is this the case that the US want to be aggressive about pursuing its business interest which erstwhile lurks in the background (and underground) of nominal rhetoric about human rights violations?

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