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Ethiopians arrested in Kenya for Illegal presence

April 16,2015

Forty Ethiopians are reportedly arrested in Nairobi,Kenya for illegal presence in the country – according to report published by Standard Media on April 14,2015.

Based on Standard Media report, it does seem that the Ethiopians were taken prisoners from two houses they were residing in Kiamiko and Eastliegh area.

It’s is also indicated that Ethiopians, ‘aliens’ as to the Kenyan Police as cited by Standard Media, did not possess travel document and had South Africa in mind as destination.

In fact, it is understandable for the Ethiopians not to have Travel document since travel document is usually issued by the country of asylum, in this case Kenya, with the initiation of the UN refugee agency – UNHCR.

There is no indication at this writing if there is effort by the government in Addis Ababa to contact Kenyan authorities to secure the release of Ethiopians.

With recent attack on Garissa Univesrsity by al-shabab, situation for asylum seekers in Kenya could be tense.

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