Ethiopia : Interview with Berhanu Tezera

This ESAT interview with Berhanu Tezera might leave you in surprise. In fact, some Ethiopian artists do struggle to vent out their voice for social justice in Ethiopia and against the repression by the ruling party.

April 16,2015

People might have a different view of Artist Berhanu Tesera, as he himself says, merely because of his appearance. He is not hedonistic or careless as his appearance suggests. In fact, the video reveals that he is very active in terms of organizing social assistance for those Ethiopian artist who happen to experience unexpected challenges – health wise or other wise.

More, Berhanu’s interview reveal that he is not too happy about the repression in Ethiopia and thinks that Ethiopia is for all Ethiopians. His latest single release – “>Wogene– has become a big hit among Ethiopians. The message that resonates is what most Ethiopians yearn for – Unity and end of ethnic politics.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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