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2 women killed in rebel mortar attacks amid Sudan general election

April 14,2015

KHARTOUM, Two women were killed and two children injured when the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)/northern sector launched mortar attacks in South Kordofan State on Tuesday, the second day of the Sudan general election, local Ashrooq net reported.

“The SPLM/northern sector bombarded residential areas in Kadogli and Al-Dalang towns which resulted in the killing of two women and injuring of two children,” said Adam Al-Faki, the governor of South Kordofan State.

Three mortar shells fell in Al-Dalang town, injuring two children, while two women were killed when four rebel missiles fell in the town of Kadogli town, the report said.

Al-Faki said the SPLM/northern sector tended to cripple the electoral process through random bombardment of the civilians, adding that the armed forces were maintaining the initiative and decisively dealing with any hostile acts against the state citizens.

The voters in Sudan started Monday casting their ballots in the presidential and legislative elections which will run till Wednesday while the final results are scheduled to be announced on April 27.

Earlier in the day, the spokesperson of Sudan’s National Elections Commission, Al-Hadi Mohamed Ahmed, said the SPLM/northern sector launched three attempts to cripple the elections in South Kordofan state, noting that the commission has decided to close three polling stations in the state’s Habila town.

South Kordofan State has been witnessing armed clashes between the Sudanese army and the rebels of the SPLM/northern sector since 2011.

In last February, the rebels of SPLM/northern declared their rejection of the election and threatened to target the electoral process.



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