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Canada prepares to join in training Ukraine military

Most Canadian troops expected to be housed at NATO training centre in Ukraine’s west
April 14,2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced Canada will join a training mission to help Ukraine’s beleaguered military.

After months of requests for help from the Ukrainian government, Tuesday morning’s announcement represents the first time the Canadian Forces have joined Ukrainian forces in their struggle against Russian-backed rebels.

Harper made the announcement at a staged photo call and took no questions.

A press release said 200 troops will be deployed “on both a sustained and periodic basis” until March 31, 2017, to “develop and deliver military training and capacity-building programs for Ukrainian forces personnel.” It’s intended to start this summer, the release says.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney and Chief of Defence Staff Tom Lawson are answering questions about the long-anticipated move at the defence department’s headquarters.

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