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Ethiopian Air Lines ranked 6th of 22 most reliable Air Lines in the World

April 11,2014

Source English Daily / File
Source English Daily / File

A report published on Travel site – WanderBat – ranked Ethiopian Air Lines as the 6th of 22 most reliable air lines in the world.

The report used three metrics : On-Time Performance, Checked Baggage Cost and Fleet.

The degree to which Air Lines adhere to flight schedules, cancellation and delay are considered as points in relation to measuring – On-Time Performance.

The second metrics relates cost as it relates to charges applied to checked baggage ; baggage to be checked for free and for additional cost.

The last measure used in this assessment relates to how new or how old the feet is and it is based on the average fleet age in the air lines.

With 92 percent ratings, an average fleet age of 7 years, 71 percent of time performance and with reasonable baggage policy of two bags to be checked for free and at a cost of $ 150 for additional bag, Ethiopian Air Lines is listed as the 6th most reliable airlines next to Southern China Air Lines. Ethiopian Air Lines is flying to more than 101 destinations.

Among other air line from Africa, Egypt Air ranked 14th.

Ethiopian Air Lines is older than many independent African countries and was established during the imperial government of Emperor HaileSelassie I in the 1950’s

The Air Lines did very well even during the military regime of Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam.

Despite rumors of resource embezzlement and political problems related to the ruling TPLF/EPRDF government, Ethiopian Air Lines managed to maintain decades of service excellence and remains the leading Air Lines in Africa.

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