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Siklet Chant – kyrie Eleison -Orthodox Christianity

April 10,2014

This was week was a special holy week in Ethiopia for followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church as it represents Passion – a week of remembrance the pains Jesus went through as man.

And  today is even more holier as it is remembrance of  Siklet  –the corresponding English word is Crucifixion – a day Ethiopian Christians  solemnly  remember excruciating immediately before Jesus of crucified and while he was on the cross.

In the western tradition, the day is commemorated as “Good Friday.”  But it does not seem to capture the spirit of the day from the point of view of what Jesus experienced during the day of crucifixion. In the tradition of Ethiopian Orthodox, siklet ( which other Christian traditions in the west  labelled as Good Friday), does not seem to be more about atonement.

The day of Crucifixion is undoubtedly “Good” from the point of view of salvation of man ad atonement. But what is remembered in Sikelet is how he did it and the pain he experienced as man. As in the past 50+ days, it is a day of fasting. The devotees fast not just the whole day but they do fast until after Tinsa’e (Easter) – that is three good days. No water even!

The chant in the video is common during this special day of Siklet in Ethiopia – a tradition Ethiopians share with Egyptian copts.




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