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Nuclear submarine catches fire at Russian shipyard

April 7,2015

K-266 Oryol
K-266 Oryol

A fire has broken out on a Russian nuclear submarine undergoing repair work at a shipyard in Severodvinsk. The cause of the fire is believed to be related to welding work.

The incident occurred at the Zvezdochka shipyard, in the Arkhangelsk region in northern Russia.

“The fire started in the ninth section of the sub close to the stern,” a spokesman for the shipyard, Evgeny Gladyshev, told RIA Novosti. “All the personnel left the submarine and fire brigades are currently dousing the flames.”

Firefighters have then decided to submerge the burning submarine in water to put off the flames, Gladyshev said. The process of submerging the vessel will take from five to seven hours, Tass news agency reported.

The United Shipbuilding Company said nobody was hurt in the fire.

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