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Kenyan warplanes bomb two Al-Shabaab bases in S. Somalia

March 6 [April 6],2015

NAIROBI, Kenyan warplanes struck two operational bases of Somalia’s Al-Shabaab, killing scores of fighters in the past two days, military officials confirmed on Monday.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman David Obonyo said fighter jets hit two Al-Shabaab logistical bases in Gedo region in southern Somalia late Sunday and early Monday.

“KDF hit strike operational camps for Al-Shabaab on Sunday and early Monday. The two camps were completely destroyed, but due to weather conditions, we have not established the number of casualties involved,” Obonyo told Xinhua by telephone Monday.

“But we could establish the strikes killed several Al-Shabaab fighters even this morning,” he added.

Obonyo said several Al-Shabaab military stores were destroyed in the attack with reports indicating that some of Al Shabaab’s senior commanders were at the scene when the Kenyan planes bombed the two bases.



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