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Ethiopia : Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a Yemen attacked

April 3,2015

Barely days after Ethiopian government declared allegiance to the Saudi led air strike in Yemen, Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a is attacked earlier today.

While news announcement posted on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia website confirm that the embassy in Sana’a was indeed attacked, the minister – Tedros Adhanom – did not give a hint as to what caused the attack and who the attackers are.

On the other hand, Tewolde Mulugeta – Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, is quoted as saying “We believe it is a collateral damage occurred in the crossfire between the warring factions in the Yemeni capital” in a report published by FARS News Agency which cited the World Bulletin as a source.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report, Tedros Adhanom claimed that no Ethiopian Embassy staff was injured during the attack.

“Ethiopian Embassy staff are determined to evacuate Ethiopian nationals despite numerous countries have closed their missions based in Sana’a” added the report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The report by the ministry implicitly admits that so far only 30 Ethiopians living in Yemen are evacuated with an apparent involvement of Chinese rescue team. And about 2000 Ethiopian are reportedly registered by Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a.

An estimated 100,000 Ethiopian are believed to live in Yemen.
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