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State terror in Ethiopia

April 3,2015

As the world is struggling to make sense of the horrifying mass murder, with confirmed 147 deaths, during an attack Al-Shabab undertook at Garissa University College in Northern Kenya, nothing or little seem to be known about al-Shabab like recurrent state terror in the neighboring Ethiopia.

In light of the fact that much of what is known about Ethiopia is through mainstream media in the west, which are often times than not, is rosy stories of economic growth, not uncommon practice when it comes to reporting about states that are presumed to be “allies”, it is not at all surprising that terror like state repressions in Ethiopia are barely known.

According to a report by Negere Ethiopia, presumably newspaper for Semayawi party, which cited sources from where the incident happened at the end of March 2015 in Gamo Gofa, South Western Ethiopia, police unleashed brutal measure against local settlers in the area simply because they resisted,unarmed, government orders to dislocate them from their subsistence farming life so as to make way for investors who are given settled land for tobacco plantation.

Police reportedly attacked even aged people. The incident caused outrage from the youth in the area which is identified by Negere Ethiopia report as Algea -Abaya district but the response from police was even more brutal. one person is dead and 8 others are wounded.

As indicated above, incidents like these are recurrent in Ethiopia ; at times even hundreds of citizens are killed and usually no legal action is taken to held perpetrators responsible for such acts. Well, in the first place officers in the police force who order such brutal killings are unlikely to undertake killings without order from the political leaders.

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