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EU to Increase Assistance to Ethiopia

April 3,2015

European Union is intending to increase assistance to Ethiopia, reports Walta information – one of the many pro-Ethiopian government media agencies.

The report cited Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht ‘s , who is said to be heading a delegation to Ethiopia, interview with ENA.

As per Walta report, European Union is set to increase fund on grounds of “proper utilization of[donated] funds” in the areas of natural conservation,agriculture,education and health.

“…the country has been spending the finance secured from the EU for the intended purposes.” reported walta based on an interview that Amhassador chantal is said to have had with ENA.

In a similar development, a report published on Shanghai Daily indicates that Chinese envoy to Ethiopia is vowing to heighten relation between China and Ethiopia.

According to recurrent report from human rights groups and entities that advocates the rights journalists, Ethiopian government is clearly among the leading human right violators the world over. Political dissension has virtually become impossible with a combination of “legal” and out right repression by government of Ethiopia.

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