Al-Shabab undertook terror attack in Garissa University in North Eastern kenya : Students taken hostage

April 2,2015

Photo courtesy : BBC
Photo courtesy : BBC

At least five gunmen reportedly stormed Garissa University in North Eastern Kenya and undertook a terror on students earlier today, according to report from Standard Digital.

The attack left at least 17 dead and 70 others wounded 70 wounded after Al Shabaab attack Kenyan University.

Standard Digital cited an officer as saying ““The attackers shot indiscriminately while inside the university compound. Police officers who were at the time guarding the students’ hostels heard the gunshots and responded swiftly and engaged the gunmen in a fierce shootout. However, the attackers retreated and gained entry into the hostels”

Apparently, the shoots out was going on for hours.

A report by BBC indicated that students were taken hostage by the gunmen. More than 500 students are reported unaccounted for.

Security officials in Nairobi are reportedly on alert in anticipation of possible similar attack.

Kenya experienced repeated major terror attacks from al-shabab in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa in the past two years.

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