Abebe Gelaw unraveled Tedros Adhanom’s advisor claim of academic credential from Bowie State University to be rather phony

March 31,2015

Source -Addis Voice
Source -Addis Voice

In 2012, the US based Ethiopian journalist – Abebe Gelaw – strategically exploited his attendance at the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security at the Ronald Regan Building in Washington DC to send unexpected shiver to Meles Zenawi who was then making a presentation. Perhaps the term “broken”, rather than “shocked”, can better express Meles Zenawi’s experience in that moment. he was broken in to pieces and was unable to collect himself momentarily. In a matter of weeks Zenawi had to disappear from the political scene not because of shame of humiliation but because of terminal illness. Months later, Zenawi was gone for good.

Abebe’s crusade is not flinching. In recent months, Abebe is unraveling fraudulent academic credentials of high ranking government officials of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF party.

The latest findings of Abebe reveals a fraud like claim of Tedros Adhanom’s (Foreign Minister) advisor – who claimed o to have professorship and was recognized as such to be phony.

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