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Two members of Ethiopian Defense force killed in the town of Ambo

March 28,2015

Source : worldmapz.com
Source : worldmapz.com

Two members of Ethiopian defense force are killed in the town of Ambo, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television in its March 27 news edition from Washington DC.

ESAT cited anonymous sources in the town of Ambo which is about 148 kilometers to the west of the Ethiopian Capital ,Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Satellite television is a diaspora based community news agency and citizens in Ethiopia do not openly interact with ESAT for fear of reprisal from the government in Addis Ababa which openly demonstrate animosity towards ESAT.

According to ESAT, the soldiers were found dead near in the neighborhood of Enchet Mesntekia in 03 Kebele near the military barack in the town.

The killers are unknown as of yet and search is underway by security forces.

The killings appear to be a retaliatory measure for government action which took the lives of dozens of civilians in the town of Ambo in 2014 due to peaceful resistance against what was then new Addis Ababa Master plan.

If the news is confirmed, it definitely constitutes a significant breakthrough in terms of resisting government repression and would undoubtedly help change course in the struggle against total repression by the government which is often ignored by the international community.

The ruling EPRDF party is under a firm grip of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.



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