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No words yet either from Eritrea or other sources regarding claims of “air strike” by Ethiopia

March 23,2015

Two days after pro-TPLF TigrayOnline published news of Air Strike by Ethiopian Air Force, no official comment is heard either from Eritrea or from the mining company that is operating the Bisha mine in Eritrea.

Nevsun Resources LTD, Canada based company which is operating the gold mine in Eritrea, has issued update on March 22, 2015, that is two days after the alleged air strike, and it made no mention of Air Strike on its plant at Bisha. What Nevsun Resources LTD did mention in the statement is that ” act of vandalism on March 20 during the nightshift in which minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener, resulting in the release of water into the plant area.”

However, the nature of “vandalism” is not explicitly spelled out if it is related to labour relation issue or some other conditions. The writer of this report did try to reach Mr. Cliff Davis, President and Executive Officer of Nevsun Resources, by phone twice in an interval of hours but was told that Mr Cliff and Mr. Mr Scott (PR) were in a meeting. Siu Wong whom the writer spoke to on the phone and who identified herself as administrator advised the writer that she will pass on the message and they would call whenever they get the chance which did not happen.

The fact that publishers of the “air strike” news ( Tigrayonline) cited a Sudanese while they have access to spokes person of defense department or the ministry of information or other relevant government bodies and authorities kindles skepticism about the authenticity of the news.

Eritreans in social media reacted to the news with a bluff and treated it as a pure lie indicating the news source, Tigrayonline, has reputation for publishing lies.

It is not disputable that the TPLF/EPRDF led government does have demonstrated insecurity vis-a-vis Eritrea and demonstrated motive to attack Eritrea whenever there is a chance , if the regime is not already restless to create one. However, the prospect of Ethiopian government to organize Air Force operation, at this point in time, well within Eritrea is very unlikely due to the weakened status of the Ethiopian Air Force for reasons of defections of experienced fighter pilots.

borkena will updates readers as more information becomes available on this matter.



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