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Lencho Letta reportedly in Ethiopia

March 20, 2015

Lencho Letta is more like a brand name when it comes to radical ethnic politics for the Oromo language groups in Ethiopia.

He was an ideologue and dominant figure of the party he shaped along radical ethnic politics – OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) and has a history of collaboration with the ruling Tigriay people’s Liberation Front and what was once Eritrean people’s liberation front.

After inculcating the politics of “nationhood” and secession on grounds of misinterpreted and over-interpreted Ethiopian history for more than three decades, Lencho Letta could no more live with his illusion and had to embrace the reality that Oromo people are part and parcels of Ethiopia.

Lencho Letta and his colleagues were included in the establishment after the fall of the military government in 1991 only to fall out later due to growing enmity with the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front. During what is called “transitional period,” Lencho’s party -OLF- had control over certain parts of Ethiopia in the South West and South East. Lencho is implicated in orchestrating massacre of Amharic speaking Ethiopians for which no one is held accountable to date.

About two years ago, Lencho and few of his former colleagues in the former Oromo Liberation Front formed a new political organization called Oromo Democratic Forum.

And now it is confirmed from different sources including Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) that Lencho Letta is in Ethiopia. And there is no report of his arrest to date.

It is possible that he returned home due to arranged talk with the regime in power. His next move is subject to speculation for now.

It seems the case that the Nile water politics has given hope to Oromo radicals that there might be a military opportunity to exploit. And there is a rumor that radical Oromos have gained ground in South Sudan.



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