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Ethiopia : Foreign Minister Tewodros Adhanom key actor in a $20 million lie

March 2,2015

Source - Addis Voice
Source – Addis Voice

Ethiopia’s foreign Minister Tewodros Adhanom is visibly a social media addict. Probably, his addiction to social media is his number one challenge as distraction in important meetings.There was a circulating picture in recent past where Adhanom is seen with his smart phone during a meeting of supposedly important nature. It could be agreeable to many that the motivation behind his addiction to social media is primarily image building to his future political career and his ethnic party which took him to a world of narcissism.It is very clear that he wants to be perceived as witty, open-minded, intelligent and well connected with the youth in social media whose admiration of him is constructed on the basis of uninformed understanding of power/authority which can be explained by the level of repression his party has been unleashing for decades now. Not much is known how Tewodros is perceived within the ruling party.

In a brazen story involving a 14 year old girl living in Australia which was meant to serve public relation and propaganda about “development”, Tewodros Adhanom was on the forefront selling story to his audience, and to the public through state media, which turned out to be a $20 million dollars lies rather.

The girl, Beritu Jaleta Ahmed, was projected as if she won a joint award from the government of Australia and Rotary club in the amount of $20 million and as if the girl wanted the entire amount in charity work by way of establishing “modern school” in her father’s birth place , Gara Muleta, Hararge, in South Eastern Ethiopia.

Apparently, the parents of the girl were involved in this hoax propaganda. The Foreign minister almost got away with the story in Ethiopia. That is a good indication of the effects of constant attack on the free press. It did not occur to Tewodros Adhanom that someone could take keen interest in verifying the news from the source – Australia.

Abebe Gelaw, a US based journalist and activist who has been doing a tremendous job of investigating numerous scandalous stories related to the government of Ethiopia, did lunch investigation on his own and contacted authorities in Australia and Rotary Club official authorizes. As it turns out, the news one of whose principal architect is Tewodros is a scam.

What are the findings of Abebe Gelaw on this matter? Click here to read.



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