UDJ leadership in regional cities told not to hand over their offices to representatives of Tigistu Awolu : ESAT

February 2,2015

After police illegally besieged the national office of UDJ in, Kebena,Addis Ababa, UDJ leadership under Belay Fekadu, who was unanimously elected in the recent party election, cancelled press release, according to report published by ESAT.

However, UDJ managed to pass a resolution for UDJ leaderships in regional cities and towns not to hand over their respective offices to representatives of Tigistu Awolu.

UDJ was about to make a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa and Dessie before election board passed a politically motivated and partisan resolution against the existence of the legitimate UDJ party.

It is to be recalled that Election board granted legal entitlement to lead UDJ party to ruling party cliques which were operating from within UDJ under the leadership of Tigistu Awolu whom the election board considered in its official communication as loyal to the regulations of election board.

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